What is TopStreaming ?

TopStreaming provides unlimited access to streaming videos and movies.


How do I unsubscribe?

If you no longer wish to have access to TopStreaming you can unsubscribe by clicking here or by texting STOP to 60367.

You can also send us an email at customer@topstreaming.co.uk or call our helpline: 02037509097. You will need to quote your full UK phone number. For example: +44 (0) 7900 123 456


How did I get subscribed?

You will have clicked on one of our advertisements on the internet whilst using your phone or tablet.

-          After clicking on this  advertisement, you will have landed on our subscription payment page. This is the page where you must pay for access to the site without such, no access can be garnered. Up until this point you will not have been charged any amount of money.


-          When you land on the payment page, two clicks are required to authenticate a “consent to charge”. The price of this product will be clearly stated on the payment button itself. This two-factor authentication is mandatory for us to show as defined by PayForIt.



-          Once dual consent is obtained by these two clicks, our site then makes  a charge request to your mobile network for the consented amount. The amount is then debited from your pre/post pay mobile phone account and access to our site is granted.


-          How did you add this to my phone bill?


Payforit protocol allows for a technology solution called Header Enrichment. This means that when connected by 3G or 4G, your mobile network, as your internet provider, “Enriches” the devices request for connectivity and anonymously and securely acknowledges that it is your phone number’s account making the request. This ensures a seamless user journey meaning that you don’t have to enter your number manually, when mistakes can possibly be made, in order to be billed to your phone account.

It is clearly stated on the payment pages above the payment button, that the charges will be added to your phones account.


-          Only once you have been successfully authenticated by the mobile network’s Header Enrichment and by the two step, dual authentication process, will you have been charged.


-          Finally, a purchase confirmation receipt is then sent via SMS to your mobile.

Payforit is a pre-defined protocol for charging  to a mobile phone bill and is only available to content providers such as ours that meet the requirements of several sets of heavily regulated scheme rules. These rules are regularly updated based on expert advice.

The concept is designed to enable users to make payments for digital content and services such as videos, games, apps or to enter competitions or make donations to charity using your mobile phone account with which to pay and do so in a safe and controlled manner.  

TopStreaming complies with any and all applicable laws in the UK regarding charges to a mobile bill.



How much does TopStreaming costs me?

TopStreaming costs £4.50 per week. This is the price per week, AFTER, any free trial period.


More questions?

You can contact our customer care email at customer@topstreaming.co.uk or call our helpline: 02037509097.