Extreme sports

You're it.
You're it.
Here's why the Mayweather-McGregor fight is huge
Here's why the M
Ready, set, recycle! The boot camp cleaning up beaches
Ready, set, recy
What many adults thought of snowboarding in the '80s
What many adults
This gymnastics coach's training tactic is chilling
This gymnastics
Nigeria's first bobsled team has echoes of '88
Nigeria's first
Will the winter games finally unite the Koreas?
Will the winter
Olympians, Tinder and Condoms: The scoring that matters
Olympians, Tinde
The trick shot golfer of Instagram
The trick shot g
Dangerous and gorgeous: A marathon on ice
Dangerous and go
A Russian skydive has a much different ending
A Russian skydiv
Surfing to skydiving: Sports in subzero temps
Surfing to skydi
This extreme sport on ice started with Bond
This extreme spo
Is getting launched in the air your jam? Try this sport
Is getting launc
This comic book fantasy is now a real sport
This comic book
Forget ice hockey, the real action is underwater
Forget ice hocke
The case for the male synchronized swimmer
The case for the
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